Que. Viva. El. Amor.

Happy Tuesday after a long weekend! These Tuesdays are hard because they feel like Mondays, but we’re going to be okay. Friday will be here before we know it. 

First of all – a special thank you to all of the people who reached out with messages of love and support after I poured myself into last week’s post. The love was so powerful that I had a surge of overwhelming gratitude that lasted well into the weekend.

I think the lowest points in our lives are designed to make the brightest days a whole lot brighter. Last week was filled with good news and good company and I’m convinced that it’s because I lightened the heavy load I was carrying. We’ll call it a purging of bad juju to make room for some sweet vibes. 

Great things that happened last week: 

I submitted a 90-second monologue to the Ya Tu Sabes Monologue Slam. It’s the first time my creative writing is out there and even if it doesn’t get recognized – I did that shit!

Tried a new buffet in town.

Someone in my circle had a cancer scare and we found out that it was not cancer after all! 

Penelope finally got to take her post-surgery cone off and she and Chico are having a blast playing with each other. It’s crazy cute.

Had breakfast with a dear friend of mine on Thursday and it was wonderful to see her.

Got invited to 4th Fridays in Long Beach and had the most AMAZING time. Connected with a bunch of strangers who were just lifting up the universal vibrations with their kindness and joy for life. Still can’t get over how fun that was.

Hosted some friends on Saturday and had a blast sharing stories and playing games. Bonus: Invited some neighbors that we just met a few weeks back and they are SUPER cool.

Had family over on Sunday and it was a magical day. I think I’ve perfected my vegan nacho cheese – even if I’m the only person who thinks so. Ralph said I should call it cashew sauce – cause it’s not cheese. I’m just gonna call it delicious.

Spent Monday with my beloved doing some plant shopping, food eating, and ice cream having. Were there naps? Maybe. Were there smiles? Absolutely.

I had this fear that putting my truth out there would scare some people away. And maybe it did. But maybe I didn’t want those people’s approval anyway.

“Today, I will realize that love is the only reality. That it is the most important priority.” – Deepak Chopra

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