Let’s. Open. Windows.

Hello to all of my blog readers! 

Another beautiful week is upon us. I had a pretty relaxing weekend, so I’m ready to hit the ground running and I hope you are too. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my podcast, what the heck are you waiting for? It has been such a treat to sit down with some incredible people and talk about real-life issues. The theme of the podcast is vulnerability. All of my guests, in one way or another, have shared some intimate details about their lives. The topics include toxic relationships, coming out, therapy, sexual rediscovery, and dating during these very complex times. 

Several years back, I was hanging out with a group of single 20-something year-olds (being a single 20-something year-old myself at the time) and I intentionally floated around from conversation to conversation. My findings were fascinating. It seemed that everyone was trying to hook up, but when they had a moment of vulnerability with their own friends, they would disclose their deep-seated desires to really build connections with people instead. We’re all saving face out here. We stick with the status quo because we don’t want to be seen as too much. We’re dimming our light because we’re afraid to throw the vibe off – and honestly, I think that’s what’s throwing off the vibe. 

The podcast is, deliberately, named This is EZ With Friends because that’s how I want it to feel. I want it to transport you to the dinner table with us. You’re sipping a glass of your favorite beverage and you’re listening to a conversation between friends. There is no place for judgment at this table. We all see each other as human beings with varying life experiences. We listen. We learn. We walk away more knowledgeable than before. 

I’m excited about what I get to learn next. If you are reading this and you’ve got something that you want to share or just have something that you want to hear about on the podcast – please reach out. You can find me on Instagram at @thisisezwithfriends. You can also email me at thewhowhatblog@gmail.com. Let’s open up some windows together and let the light in.

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